Monday, June 18, 2012

New Look, New Nail Art!

Hello! As you can see, i renovated my blog! its new and improved, and hopefully will be a bit easier on everyone. I know you guys are needing a  new nail art design ASAP for summer, so let's begin!

Galaxy Nail Art

this nail art is very mysterious and lovely for anyone of any and  all nail types!

you will need:

black (polish)
white (polish)
yellow or orange (polish)
pink or salmon (polish)
dark or glittery blue

tip: when you dab with the sponge, they key is NOT alot of polish! otherwise it wil be very thick, and it will not look like the
1. Take your black polish and paint all of your nails. let it dry.
2. take your sponge and white and dab across the nail.
3. take a yellow or orange beside the white, kind of on the white.
4. take the pink or pink and do the same thing, but almost be on the orange.
5. do the same thing with your dark or glittery blue, but almost on the pink or salmon, kind of blending it in the black.
6. put glitter on the nails.


If I didnt explain it enough just write a comment in the box!

                                           I hope this tutorial helped! Tell your freinds! 


                   ♥ Jesus Loves You! ♥

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