Monday, June 25, 2012

Alabama-houndstooth Auburn :) - tiger stripes

Alabama- Hounds tooth

You will need:
white (polish)
black (striper)
white (striper)

1. paint nail white 
2. paint 3 black stripes on nail. make more if needed. 
3. make 3 or more horizontal white stripes across the black ones to make little squares. 
4. make diagonal stripes connecting the top left side of the square and connect to the bottom right corner of the box above. 
5. make dashes like the ones you just did starting at the bottom right hand corner of the box. 

Auburn :) - tiger stripes

You Will Need:

orange (polish)

 navy blue (striper)

*if you dont know about some of the tools i use i have a post about that from a while back. 

1. paint nail orange 
2. take navy blue striper and make zebra like stripes but longer.

Remember, WAR EAGLE! 
                                                                - Nail_Chic 

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