Monday, April 2, 2012

the hunger games nail art: The girl on Fire


hello there, sorry i cannot post the mocking jay nail art..... i have been trying ways to explain how to do it, but all i can say about the mocking jay is you need a golden nail art striper and a black color, and go by a picture...thats what i did and it turned out pretty well. here is a picture you can follow by if you cant find a good one.

this is a picture from google of the mocking jay

girl on fire nail art:

what you will need:
black (polish)
orange or red or yellow or mixed (polish)

1. you need to paint all of your nails black EXCEPT for your ring finger
2. on your black nails you need to put alot of sparkles at the tip of your nail, then drag the glitter with the brush down so the sparkles fade where your cuticle is.
3. on your ring finger, just add a few coats of sparkle, and your done!
i dont have a picture.....

                                                  i hope this helped! tell your friends:)

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