Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unique Nail Art

  Cutie Patootie Cupcakes

    things you will need:
              pink or light purple (polish)
white (striper)
multicolors (stripers)
light brown (striper or polish)
another type of polish
red (striper)
  1. take your another type of polish and paint your whole nail. let it dry
  2. take your pink or light purple and make a cloud in the middle of your nail. let it dry
  3. at the bottom of your nail, make a box NOT overlapping the cloud
  4. take your multicolors stripers and nake little dots on the cloud.
now take your red and brown striper,and at the top of your cloud make a red dot and a brown line from the top of it making a cherry.

    this is a picture of cupcake nails

i hope this blog helped!!!
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