Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~Nail Quiz~

what you will need:
peice of paper
writing utensil
your brain!!!

1. you would rather:
a. shop
b. play sports
c. be with friends

2. Your with your best friend and your schedules free! ya'll decide to:

a. shop!
b. go outside and get some exsersise
c. go see a movie

3. if you had to wear one item of make-up, you would so choose:
a. foundation
b. mascara
c. lipstick

4. your mad at a friend. now its time for:
b. wait for a while, she will be crawling back.
c. A nice apology

mostly a's: Sassy Red! your the shoopping expert, diva queen, and love the word ME!
mostly b's: your a cool blue :) you love the outdoors, have a good heart, and go for the all natural type.
mostly c's: your the friendliest yellow there is <3 your sweet, a good best friend, and definatly keep everyones trust at the palm of your hand.