Sunday, January 1, 2012

Converse Nails

difficulty from 1 to 10: 5 (good)  

you willl need : 
 a solid color
 a white striper
 a black striper

Tips: if you don't know what a striper is, it is a thin tip that is much thinner and longer than a regular brush.

1. take the solid color and paint all of the nail. let it dry.
2. take the white striper and make a rounded half-circle at  the end of your nail. let it dry
3. take the white striper again and make the laces in the middle (like three criss-cross lines)
4. take the black striper, and on the rounded white part make a line close to the bottom.
                                    i hope these instructions helped you out!
                                                      thanks :)

 this is a pic of converse nails

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