Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Contest and 4th of July Nail Art

Hey there! Contest (kinda) time! 

Since I haven't had a lot of followers in a while i have decided, if i get 10 followers before July 30th, i will do 20 tutorials for different designs in 1 day!!!!!!!!! i  know, its not much but the more followers i get, more extreme nail art comes along! i will do the nail art for songs, sports, TV shows, movies, you name it! Just remember, 10 followers by July 30th!!! Make sure to tell your friends!

4th of July nail art! 

you wil need: 

red (striper) 
white (polish and striper)
blue (polish) 
glitter (polish or striper) 

1. paint nail white. 
2. make a blue square on top left corner on toe. make sure it is pretty big, but doesn't touch the bottom of the toe.
3. paint horizontal red stripes on white.
4. add glitter to blue to make stars.

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